May 30, 11 years ago

The Brazilian Mind Sport Association is founded

Brazil becomes a candidate to host the World Mind Sports Games in 2016. Mind Sports have gained their national representation in Brazil. Abresbi, the Brazilian Mind Sport Association has as its affiliated: the Brazilian Confederation of Chess, Draughts and Bridge, the Brazilian Association of GO and the Brazilian Confederation of Poker.

The creation of Abrespi, chaired by the Chess International Grandmaster, Darcy Gustavo Machado Vieira Lima, also marks the launching of Brazil’s candidacy to host the World Mind Sport Games in 2016.

Abrespi is recognised by IMSA (International Mind Sports Association) which works for the integral development of the human being and hopes that Mind Sports also serve as a means of promoting culture and peace.

Brazil will be the epicenter of the sports world in the coming years. IMSA has established as its priority the foundation of ABRESPI to ensure the recognition, development and promotion of Mind Sports in Brazil, besides promoting the International Federations of each sport in the country.

The IMSA founding members are: World Bridge Federation (WBF), World Chess Federation (FIDE) World Draughts Federation (FMJD) and International Go Federation(IGF).

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