Jun 12, 5 years ago

Swiss Go Championship – May 18-21

The 2013 Swiss Go Championship was played in seven leisurely McMahon rounds May 18-21 at Veyrier, near Lake Geneva.
Sebastian Koch (3 dan), Felicien Mazille (2 dan), and Sebastian Ott (1 dan) ended with identical 6-1 scores (Koch beat Ott, who beat Mazille, who beat Koch), but Koch was one SOS point ahead of Mazille and Ott, and Mazille was two SOSOS points ahead of Ott, so they finished in order of their ranks. This is Sebastian Koch’s fourth Swiss championship, following 1997, 2002, and 2004 (and a near miss in 2009). Sylvain Praz (2 kyu) took 8th place and will represent Switzerland at the World Amateur Go Championship in Sendai, while Sebastaian Ott will play in the Korea Prime Minister Cup. Noted author and translator Monique Golay (7 kyu) took part and finished 19th. Last year’s champion Armel-David Wolff, who came in 6th in Amsterdam earlier in May, did not compete, but Amsterdam winner Seok-Bin Cho (8 dan) was on hand to analyze games.

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