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Sweden captures Vanderbilt Trophy…

Aug 8, 10 years ago

New Faces Dominate Field for World Mind Games in Beijing Faces Dominate Field for World Mind Games in Beijing

The field is set for the 2nd SportAccord World Mind Games, to be held in Beijing in mid-December. Sixteen men and twelve women representing the best of Asia, Europe, and the Americas have been selected to participate. Men and women will compete separ…

Aug 7, 10 years ago

Patronage of UNESCO of UNESCO

For the 2012 World Mind Sport Games we got the patronage of the UNESCO which will help a lot to teach Mind Sports in schools and universities….

Daily Bulletins – 2008 World Mind Sports Games

You will find the Daily Bulletins of the 1st World Mind Sports Games, held in Beijing in October 2008…

May 30, 10 years ago

The Brazilian Mind Sport Association is founded

Brazil becomes a candidate to host the World Mind Sports Games in 2016. Mind Sports have gained their national representation in Brazil. Abresbi, the Brazilian Mind Sport Association has as its affiliated: the Brazilian Confederation of Chess, Draugh…

Jun 12, 11 years ago

IMSA has signed a contract with Mind Sports Partners Pte. Ltd

The Association has appointed the Company, during its term, as its exclusive worldwide agent for the identification, organization and exploitation of Commercial Rights, in any format or medium whatsoever….