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Sep 25, 8 years ago

3rd SportAccord Online tournament – Beijing December 2013

3rd SportAccord Online tournament – Beijing December 2013

SportAccord World Mind Games has had two editions so far. The first one took place from 8-16 December 2011 and the second from 12-19 December 2012. Beijing, the capital of China will be the host city of the event until 2014. The next edition is sched…

Jun 12, 8 years ago

Swiss Go Championship – May 18-21

The 2013 Swiss Go Championship was played in seven leisurely McMahon rounds May 18-21 at Veyrier, near Lake Geneva. Sebastian Koch (3 dan), Felicien Mazille (2 dan), and Sebastian Ott (1 dan) ended with identical 6-1 scores (Koch beat Ott, who beat M…

May 30, 8 years ago

Election of the IMSA Board

The International Mind Sports Association (IMSA) General Assembly, which included the election of the Board, took place at the SportAccord Convention 2013 in St Petersburg on Monday 28th May 2013….

Feb 5, 9 years ago

Jaime Ortiz-Patiño is no longer with us

The WBF President Gianarrigo Rona and the WBF Past President and Chairman Emeritus José Damiani represented the World Bridge Federation at the Funeral Ceremony in Sotogrande on Wednesday 9th January 2013….

Jan 2, 9 years ago

Happy New Year

The President and the Executive Committee of IMSA send you their warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holidays season and a very happy and Prosperous New Year 2013. José Damiani…


Sweden captures Vanderbilt Trophy…