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Jun 12, 12 years ago

IMSA has signed a contract with Mind Sports Partners Pte. Ltd

The Association has appointed the Company, during its term, as its exclusive worldwide agent for the identification, organization and exploitation of Commercial Rights, in any format or medium whatsoever….

Jun 1, 12 years ago

IMSA and Anti Doping Rules

IMSA has complied the World Anti-Doping Code (the “Code”), in conformity with the WADA rules….

May 31, 12 years ago

IMSA & 1st World Mind Sports Games feature at TAFISA Games & 1st World Mind Sports Games feature at TAFISA Games

Prior to the commencement of the 1st World Mind Sport Games, IMSA was featured in the exhibition & promotion program of the 4th TAFISA World Sport for All Games. The Games took place in one of the most influential oriental marine centre, the Kore…

Apr 12, 12 years ago

SportAccord, IMSA and the 4 International Federations, IMSA and the 4 International Federations

During the latest edition of the SportAccord International Convention held in London – UK (3/8 April 2011) SportAccord, IMSA and the 4 International Federations held meetings about the organization of the next SportAccord Mind Games and contrac…

May 31, 13 years ago

IFP Observer Member

The International Federation of Poker will organize Duplicate Texas Holdem – a couisn of Bridge- tournaments. Duplicate Texas Holdem is modeled on some of the concepts underlying the duplicate form of bridge. What is Duplicate Texas Holdem?…

May 30, 13 years ago

Closing ceremony of the WCC Match 2012

The World Chess Championship Match 2012 has come to its end. The closing ceremony of the match was conducted by the Chairman of the Russian Chess Federation Board Ilya Levitov. At the beginning of the ceremony Alexander Zhukov, the President of the R…

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