Mindsports and the CODVID-19 virus

Whilst we have all been trying to come to terms with the ‘new normal’ the Mindsports Federations have be looking at ways of holding events. It is a time for all of them to try new ideas and learn for the future:

  • Chess: FIDE the Official World Chess federation are holding an Online Olympiad until the end of this month.
  • Draughts: FMJD the Official World Draughts Federation have been running several online events.
  • Go: IGF the Official World GO Federation are running a European Go League as well as other events around the world for more details:
  • Bridge: WBF the Official World Bridge Federation are planing an on-line World simultaneous and in the meantime many of their members are holding on-line events of their own.

We can all hope that we can get back to playing our favorite games in the manner to which we are used to with the ability to socialise once again with our friends.

In the meantime from IMSA – Stay safe.

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