May 31, 10 years ago

IMSA & 1st World Mind Sports Games feature at TAFISA Games

Prior to the commencement of the 1st World Mind Sport Games, IMSA was featured in the exhibition & promotion program of the 4th TAFISA World Sport for All Games. The Games took place in one of the most influential oriental marine centre, the Korean city of Busan, from September 26 until October 2, 2008. The venue for the exhibition part was BEXCO center.

IMSA & 1st World Mind Sport Games exhibition stand, created in the form of an art gallery and presented by the marketing partner of the organization, Brand Action Group, was seen by the exhibition visitors and officials as the most remarkable among the other stands. The stand concept was composed around the overview of four fundamental intellectual sports in the four stand rooms (Chess, Bridge, Draughts and Go) and the most prominent features or these sports. Fifth and final room presented the future of the International mind sport movement – Cyber Sports.

The stand was given its ‘best-of-all’ status also for the its video-walls and unique premium distribution program comprised of the IMSA Ring distribution to VIP guests.

The total number of visitors was 10,000. Among the visitors were officiating members of TAFISA (Trim& fitness International Sport for All Association), the participants of the Sixth International Olympic Committee World Sport, Education, Culture Forum and Tenth Asian Sport for All Association congress.

IMSA exhibition and promotion program at the 4th TAFISA World Sport for All Games was concluded with the VIP Gala sponsored by the International Mind Sports Association.

Brand Action Group, the marketing partner of IMSA, was also responsible for the IMSA and 1st World Mind Sports Games VIP gala – the final feature of the promotional program in Busan

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