Bridge added to the 2018 Asian Games

Bridge will make its debut at the Asian Games!

At last, the big news we all had been waiting for, realized on September 25 2016.

In a decision made by the General Assembly of Olympic Council of Asia – OCA – in Da Nang Vietnam, Bridge was finally included and will compete in the Asian Games 2018 in Indonesia.

This is a great step achieved forBridge thanks to the remarkable job and the persistent efforts undertaken by the SEABF President Michael Bambang Hartono and the ABF President Esther Sophonpanich to whom go the gratitude of the bridge world.

The WBF, its President and the entire bridge community are proud to express their gratitude to the OCA Council and its President HH Sheikh Ahmad Al Fahad Al Sabah and the Indonesian Olympic Committee, its President Erick Thohir and Former President Rita Subowo.

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  1. November 30, 2016
    Greetings. I am interested to start this game in our country. where can I get expertise. .I can register it as a National Federation Reply
    • February 9, 2017
      Please email me so that we can discuss details.
      Which country do you refer to? Reply
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