AI Go vs World Champion match 1

AIGo vs World Champion

AIGo vs World Champion

AIGo software took game 1 in match with world champion!

Alphago took the first game of the historic match between Google DeepMind’s artificial intelligence and the world’s top Go player, Lee Sedol.  “#AlphaGoWINS!”, tweeted DeepMind’s CEO Demis Hassabis.

Go has always been considered the last frontier of human intelligence against AI, but a match between AlphaGo and the European champion last October, won by AlphaGo 5-0, cast this status in doubt.  In the current match, Google offered a million-dollar prize to the winner in order to entice the world champion to play the AI software.

Up until just before the match started, the confident Lee Sedol was predicting a sweep.  No one expected that, with an extra five months of self-learning, AlphaGo improved so much that it played a nearly flawless game and smoothly forced Lee to resign after 186 moves.

Round two will be held after a day of rest.

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