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New FMJD member – Turkey and FMJD section Turkish Draughts

Since 2011 FMJD has been in contact with Mr. Atila Zeybek from Turkey who informed us about Turkish Draughts ( “Dama”) and about the possible FMJD membership of Turkey and the possibility for a Turkish Draughts section within the FMJD. Mr Zeybek explained that Turkish draughts has already a long history and culture.

In the last months, also thanks to activities and contacts of Marcel Kosters with Turkey, there has been a lot of communication with Mr. Ali Kadir Benzer, the president of the newly created “Türkiye Dama Federasyonu”.
This resulted in the application for FMJD membership. The new federation represents the players in Turkish Draughts (“Dama”) but also wants to develop international draughts on 100 squares.

FMJD will have to see how this membership develops in the future and how we can give a form and structure to a new FMJD section Turkish Draughts.
In September 2011 a letter of intent has already been sent from the Executive Board to Turkey about such a new section within FMJD.

Some information about Turkish Draughts:

Turkish draughts (“dama”) is played in a number of countries in Turkey, the Arab world and North Africa. The game is played on a 64 board with a different starting position: 16 pieces of white and black are put on the (white and black !!) squares of the second and third line of the board and the pieces move horizontally and vertically across the board.
The game looks much different than the versions which are played in FMJD and its sections but the rules are much the same as the rules of International Draughts on the 100 board with obligation to capture, majority capture, the long King. Some differences are:
– Pieces cannot capture backward
– When a King takes pieces the pieces are taken from the board one by one during the capture which makes it possible to take more pieces than in international draughts where the pieces are taken after the capture. This means that the so called Turkish capture in international draughts on 100 squares is not possible in Turkish Draughts !!
– When both players have only one piece left, a King or a man, the game is a draw !

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