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2013 World Youth Open Bridge Championships

The World Youth Open Bridge Championships are organized by the World Bridge Federation with the cooperation and support of the American Contract Bridge Federation (ACBL) & United States Bridge Federation (USBF) and the support of the ACBL’s: District 7; the Mid-Atlantic Bridge Conference (MABC); and District 9 (Florida); and sponsorship from Turner Broadcasting Systems and The Common Game.

The 3rd World Youth Open Bridge Championships will be held at The Hyatt Regency Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 3-11 August.

The Championships consist of three events:

The World Pairs Championship;
The World Teams Swiss/KO Championship; and
The World Teams Board-A-Match Championship.
See the schedule of for the complete program.

all details at : http://www.worldbridge.org/youth-championships-atlanta.aspx

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