World Draughts Federation (FMDJ)

The FMJD, (Fédération Mondiale du Jeu de Dames) World Draughts Federation, was founded in 1947 by four federations, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland.

Its main purpose was to regulate the competition on the world championship.

From this early start, the FMJD grew to close to fifty participating national federations it has at present, more than 25% of which are countries in Africa. Recently the FMJD has become a member of the GAISF. The FMJD membership is part of a more general movement towards integration of mind sports in the regular sports arenas, a development that in the vision of the FMJD is to be lauded.


Draughts is an elimination game where one player tries to capture all the pieces belonging to his or her opponent on a board with 100 squares.

Specific information

A game played all over the world with strong roots in Europe and Asia.

FMJD regular Championships

Championships for women were introduced in 1973, for juniors in 1971, cadets in 1988 and girls in 1989.
Team championships started in 1967 for the senior players and in 1987 for the juniors.
Individual European championships, for seniors and youth.
International inter-club competitions.


May 9, 11 months ago
First ever World Draughts Tournament in Africa
The first ever World Cup Draughts tournament in Africa was held in Abidjan in Ivory Coast and was a great success. This was organised with the much appreciated help from IMSA. Winners were Mbongo with the men as before, and current World Champion Ale...