Aug 10, 11 years ago

Videos on the 2012 WMSG

You will find some videos published on the 2012 WMSG in Lille following the links provided here.
as well as a summary of the event and the opening ceremony

Opening Ceremony Part 1

Opening Ceremony Part 2

Opening Ceremony Part 3

Summary of the event with medals ceremony at the 2012 WMSG

TV reportage LCI Matin:

TV reportage FR3 Nord Pas de Calais

TV reportage iTélé

TV reportage BFMTV

All videos and photos made by NewInBridge

Summary of the event in Lille 1998

Draughts video on the FMJD site

New video uploaded from Grand Lille TV

World Mind Sports Games on Boursorama and BFMTV


Lille capitale des jeux de l’Esprit sur weo



Here after you will find all vidéo made on the spot by NewInBridge

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