List of Medallists World Mind Sports Games 2012

The 2nd World Mind Sports Games which took place in August are now over.
They were a great success: economically for the city and sporting for the participants.About 2000 players from 95 countries competed.
Congratulations to all the winners in the different sports of the 2nd Wold Mind Sports Games.

Lille Grand Palais which welcomed the event is very well adapted for a tournament of such size; all the players and the organizers met with a very good reception.

Lille and its region were able to appreciate the excellent economic benefits, as different people have said: hotels, traders and restaurants. And all the participants and their supporters were able to enjoy not only the infrastructures but also the warm welcome of the inhabitants of Lille.
Two weeks of fierce competition for the 2 000 participants coming from 95 countries, which shows the universal character that united the competitors of the five sports present: Bridge, Chess, Draughts, Go and Chinese Chess.
Numerous medals were distributed, each sports organizing competitions in various categories.
Asia dominated in Go and Chinese Chess with many gold medals for China and Chinese Taipei.
Russia shone in the Draughts competitions.
Europe distinguished itself in the Bridge events where England, Hungary and Sweden took the gold medals in the different categories.

See attached file for all sports in each categories
Winners of the 2nd WMSG in each category

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