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2nd World Mind Sport Games August 2012 in Lille (France)

IMSA is pleased to announce that the 2nd World Mind Sports Games will be held in Lille (France) at Lille Grand Palais – 9th to 23rd August 2012. Lille is a training base of the London 2012 Olympic Games and consequently a consistent choice for… IMSA in organizing its 2nd edition there, together with the four founding International Federations: Bridge: (14th World Bridge Games), Chess,Draughts, Go, and Xiang Qi (Chinese Chess) invited as in Beijing 2008.

Lille is a very suitable city to organize such an event.

There are many hotels of every category, within walking distance from the Congress Centre “Lille Grand Palais” which is about 10 minutes’ walk from downtown Lille.

Lille Grand Palais… very close to the heart of the town !

A gateway to the vibrant centre where in a matter of minutes, you will ?nd yourself overwhelmed by the warm and genuine atmosphere the region is so well known for.

A list of recommended hotels will be published shortly.


Lille is easy to reach from all over the world at Europe’s geographical crossroads, bisecting three of the continent’s major economic capitals –Paris, London and Brussels-

3 international airports nearby:

  • Lille airport is just 10km from the town and has many European connections.
  • Charles de Gaulle airport is connected to Lille by a fast and efficient train service (45minutes)
  • Brussels airport (40 minutes)

France’s most important rail region

  • 2 international Railway stations

At the crossroads of 6 motorways

  • Highway from Paris, Brussels, The Netherlands and Germany
Download documents :

2012 WMSG Presentation

You can have a virtual visit of the LilleGrand Palais at: http://www.lillegrandpalais.com

And have an idea on the town at http://www.lilletourism.com/

Photo credit : Michel Legay

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