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Its Huaian for the next three years

Its Huaian for the next three years

Three More Years of IEMG to be Held in Huaian, IMSA Says The International Mind Sports Association will hold three more IMSA Elite Mind Games in Huaian, Jiangsu Province, China over the next three years, according to IMSA Secretary General (and AGA V…

Press Book of the 2012 World Mind Games

The media coverage of the 2nd WMSG has been very important. a lot of journalists has been accredited on the spot, and all over the world we had clippings on newpapers, web site, monthly issue …….

List of Medallists World Mind Sports Games 2012

The 2nd World Mind Sports Games which took place in August are now over. They were a great success: economically for the city and sporting for the participants.About 2000 players from 95 countries competed. Congratulations to all the winners in the d…

World Mind Sports Games 2012 : Daily Report of competitions

World Mind Sports Games 2012 is in progress in Lille (France)… Every day competitions results will be provided here. You will also find the programme of the event programme 2nd WMSG Lille…

Aug 11, 11 years ago

Interviews radios realised during the 2012 WMSG

During the 2nd World Mind Sport Games, a lot of medias were present on site, new papers, TV and radios. Several interview was made, you find some below….

Aug 10, 11 years ago

Videos on the 2012 WMSG

You will find some videos published on the 2012 WMSG in Lille following the links provided here. as well as a summary of the event and the opening ceremony…