Live daily sessions – SportAccord World Mind Games

During the 2nd SportAccord World Mind Games, you will be able to follow your sport live. You will find each day a link on this site.

the daily live coverage will be available:
– on youtube (;
– on the official event website (

The link to the first sesssion is the following :

Media distribution report: 2012 SportAccord World Mind Games Distribution Report _.pdf

date link
day 1 Dec 12
day 2 Dec 13
day 3 Dec 14
day 4 Dec 15
day 5 Dec 16
day 6 Dec 17
day 7 Dec 18
day 8 Dec 19

Below you will find a document where there are direct links for each day, and for those of you who are webmasters, you will find a link that can be embedded into your web page so that you can show the video from within your own site, and we would be very grateful if you could post that.
live streaming links and embeds

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