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Agreement for SportAccord World Mind Games in Beijing, China, from 8-17 December 2011

An agreement has been signed for the 1st SportAccord World Mind Games which will be hosted in Beijing, China, from 8-17 December 2011. The event will be composed of the four mind sports – Bridge, Chess, Go, Draughts which are all members of IMSA and SportAccord. Xiang Qi has also been invited to participate.
Winners, medallists and players will receive attractive prize money from a prize fund of US$1 million depending on their ranking.

1st  SportAccord World Mind Games

 Beijing, China, from 8th to17th December 2011.

Beijing International Convention Center
The competition will take place in the Beijing International Convention Centre while the Beijing Continental Grand Hotel will be the official hotel. The event will feature the best players worldwide and will be accompanied by a cultural program.

The Centre and Hotel are situated East of the Central Area of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The Beijing Stadium, known as the “Bird’s Nest”, is about 150 meters to the left of BCGH. Beijing International Convention Centre has a total of 60,000 square meters and over 40 conference rooms which makes it the ideal venue in which to organize such an event.


Jose Damiani, IMSA President, Welcome message




Gianarrigo Rona, WBF President, Welcome message

3 Disciplines: 6 Gold Medals

– Teams

  • Open
  • Women

– Pairs

  • Open
  • Women


 – Individual


  • Open
  • Women

Invited teams

Open: 4 teams: China – Italy – USA and Norway
Women: 4 teams : China – England – France – USA

Schedule of play


 Money prizes



The latest technology will be used.



–       Instant scoring with Bridge-mates

–       Results displayed immediately

–  On screens on site

–  On Bridge Vision

–  On the SportAccord website

–       Broadcast on

–  Bridge Base Online

–  Our Game

–  WBF web site








Discipline – Medals

Rapid / Blitz / Pairs Rapid / Blindfold

32 players :

  • 16 Men
  • 16 Women

Number of medals : 7


Invited Teams/Players

32 high ranking players


Schedule of Play

Regulations – Scoring

2 Rapid events

–          16 male players

–          16 female players

Time control 20 minutes each side plus 10 seconds increment


2 Blitz events

–          16 male players

–          16 female players

Time control 3 minutes plus 2 seconds increment


2 Pairs Rapid events

–          8 male players

–          8 female players

Time control 20 minutes each side plus 10 seconds increment


2 Blindfold events

–          8 male players

–          8 female players

Time control 20 minutes plus 20 seconds increment



Harry Otten, FMJD President, Welcome message

Discipline – Medals

10×10 Draughts

20 players

  • 12 Men
  • 8 Women


Number of medals

3 sets (gold-silver-bronze):

  • 10×10 draughts men
  • 10×10 draughts  women
  • 8×8 draughts (performance)


Invited Players

In order of World Cup classification – minimum one per continent

For the 8×8 performance – 6 invited top world players


Schedule of Play


Every day – with full set of players.

Play will start everyday at 9h30 with a main round and at 17h00 with tie-breaks (for those who need it). The tie break for the last round will take place the following day (at 9h30) 



Money Prize

US$60.000 man +US $30.000 women


Regulations – Scoring


  • 12 Men: divided into 2 groups. After 5 rounds cross semi-finals and finally direct duels
  • 8 Women: simple round robin of 7 rounds


Players will play till the 1st victory with FMJD standard rate of play

1st game: 1h20 +1’ per move

2nd game- rapid: 20’ + 5’’

3rd game – blitz game: 5’ + 3’’

4th game: so called G-L games with 5’ + 2’’ (unlimited number of games with this limited time)


Results depend on the moment when we get a winner.




Discipline – Medals

Two medal items, team and pair.

For the team competition, each team consists of four men and one woman


Invited Teams

Six regions –China, Japan, Korea, Chinese Taipei, USA, and European Union



Schedule of Play

Money Prize

Team – US$ 170,000 total

Pair – US$30,000 total

Team champion, US$  80,000; pair champion, 12,000 USD

Team runner-up, US$ 40,000; pair runner-up, 6,000 USD

Team number 3, US$  20,000; pair number 3, 4,000 USD

Team number 4, US$ 10,000; pair number 4, 4,000 USD

Team number 5, US$  10,000; pair number 5, 2,000 USD

Team number 6, US$  10,000; pair number 6, 2,000 USD



Regulations – Scoring


  1. For the team competition, a round-robin format will be used.  There will one round each day for a total of five rounds.  Time limit is 2 hours each, with five 1-minute byo-yomi periods.
  2. For pair competition, single elimination will be used.  Two rounds each day for a total of three rounds.  The team champions and runners-up will draw byes in the first round.  Time limit is 1 hour each side, with three 30-second byo-yomi periods.
  3. Rules in force: China Weiqi Competition Rules are applied.



Discipline – Medals

12 players:

  • 8 men
  • 4 women

2 Gold medals



Schedule of Play



Regulations – Scoring


–          Men : Single Round Robin, totaling 7 rounds

–          Women: Double Round Robin of 6 rounds

Time: 60 minutes for each player, with 30 seconds increment to each move

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