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Nov 15, 5 years ago

Results of the 2nd SportAccord Online tournament

The second edition of the SportAccord online tournament, coordinated by IMSA shows a remarkable achievement. A total participation of 383.050 players compared to 269.000 last year (+37%) (with an amazing record of 1 701571 games played on bridge Base…

Oct 2, 5 years ago

Format of the 2012 SportAccord World Mind Games

The second edition of the SportAccord World Mind Games will take place from 12-19 December 2012 in Beijing – China in the Beijing International Convention Centre.The format of the competitions are now published. You will find below the format f…

Sep 21, 5 years ago

SportAccord online Tournament online Tournament

The tournaments for the 2012 World Mind Games online tournament are now launched on different platforms. Participants may play in different categories based on their skill level. Depending on your sport you will find the platform you need to particip…

Press Book of the 2012 World Mind Games

The media coverage of the 2nd WMSG has been very important. a lot of journalists has been accredited on the spot, and all over the world we had clippings on newpapers, web site, monthly issue …….

Sep 9, 5 years ago

SportAccord to organise the 2012 World Mind Games online tournament

Following the great success of the first edition of the SportAccord World Mind Games, a second edition will be held in Beijing – China from 12 until 19 December 2012. An Online tournament will be organized like it was last year. See press release…

List of Medallists World Mind Sports Games 2012

The 2nd World Mind Sports Games which took place in August are now over. They were a great success: economically for the city and sporting for the participants.About 2000 players from 95 countries competed. Congratulations to all the winners in the d…