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Sep 10, 5 years ago

European Students and Youth U26 Championship

European Students and Youth U26 Championship 2013 will be held in Texel, The Netherlands from 3. to 9. November…

Jun 14, 6 years ago

Draughts World Championships – UFA – Russia

The WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP : 02-06-13 / 19-06-13, are held in Ufa, Russia All the information can be found on the FMJ site at FMJD site at…

Apr 10, 6 years ago

European Championship Team 2013

News European Championship Team 2013 started in Tallinn: 06.04.2013 You can follow the results from here: Men Women Games Timetable: April 4 Round 1 @ 10:00 Rapid @ 16:00 Rapid results: Men Women April 5 Round 2 @ 10:00 Round 3 @ 16:00 April 6 Round …

Mar 7, 6 years ago

New FMJD member – Turkey and FMJD section Turkish Draughts

Since 2011 FMJD has been in contact with Mr. Atila Zeybek from Turkey who informed us about Turkish Draughts ( “Dama”) and about the possible FMJD membership of Turkey and the possibility for a Turkish Draughts section within the FMJD. Mr…

Feb 2, 6 years ago

Events of FMJD

You will find the list of the FMJD events the details are available at:…

Aug 1, 7 years ago

WC European Challenge

23.11.2012 – 30.11.2012 Korbach, Germany WC European Challenge will be held on Korbach, Germany on November 23-30….