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5th European Students Championship

20.10.2012 – 27.10.2012

Czestochowa, Poland
5th European Students Championship 2012 will be held on October 20-27 in Czestochowa, Poland.

1. Under the auspices of the European Draughts Confederation (EDC) Polish Draughts Federation, AZS
Czestochowa and University of Technology Czestochowa organize the 5th European Students
2. The tournament will take place in Czestochowa, Poland from 20 (arrival day) to 27 of October 2012.
3. There are following 2 championships will be played (separately for boys and girls):
3.1. Students boys – players born 1st of January 1986 or later;
3.2. Students girls – players born 1st of January 1986 or later.
4. Only members of European national federations affiliated to the FMJD can participate. Players must
have the citizenship of the Federation they represent or be members of this federation according to FMJD
rules. EDC has the right to invite some players from new countries (never been members of FMJD).
5. There are no limits of number of players from one federation.
6. The players must be students (university, institute, college, academy etc.) and have supporting
7. Applications (only from national federations!) should be sent by e-mail, and before 30th of
September and contain the list of players with full names, surnames, dates of birth and universities
(institutes, colleges, academies etc.). In case of any problems the national federation should contact EDC
8. Before the beginning of the Championship (at the October 20 evening) a preliminary meeting will be
held by the Chief Referee who will expound the present regulations to players, directors and journalists.
9. Depending on the Chief Referee decision Swiss or round robin tournaments will be played. In case of
unequal number of participants in some tournaments other tournaments’ systems can be used according
the Chief Referee decision in consultation with EDC official representative. Chief Referee has the right to
determine, that players from the same university (institute, college, academy etc.) or national federation
have not to play between each other in a few last rounds depending on tournaments system and number of
10. Time control 80’ + 1’ per move (Fisher system).
11. Final places determine according FMJD rules applying to corresponding tournaments system.
Barrages should not be played. Only in case of all criteria of challengers for champion’s title will be an
equal, barrage should be played (2 games with the time control 5’ + 3” per move (Fisher system) and if
champion will not specified, then – games with time control 3’ + 2” per move till the first winning).
Details will be announced by a Chief Referee after the consultations with EDC official representative.
12. On the first day of the competition the Blitz Championship will be played (time control – 5’ + 3” per
move (Fisher system). Details will be announced by a Chief Referee after the consultations with EDC
official representative.
13. Prizes:
13.1. medals for the 3 first places (including Blitz Championship)
13.2. cups for the 3 first places (including Blitz Champions)13.3. money prizes: 1 place – 700 zł., 2 place – 400 zł., 3 place – 300 zł.
13.4. diplomas for all participants
14. Financial conditions
14.1. Inscription fee is 20 euro for each player;
14.2. Inscription fee in blitz championship is 10 euro for each player;
14.3. Inscription fees has to be paid before the beginning of the Championship;
14.4. Accommodation costs are 80 zł. (about 20 euro) per person per day (including meals);
14.5. Organizer assures 2 excursions for free.
15. Accommodation and breakfast in hotel “Grand”, str. Drogowcow 8, Czestochowa,
Lunches, dinners and playing hall are in the University of Technology Czestochowa.
16. Programm:
October, 20 – arriving day;
October, 21 – Opening ceremony and blitz championship;
October, 22-26 – rounds of main championship;
October, 27 – last round and closing ceremony.
17. In any other cases – FMJD rules decide.
18. With all hospitality and visa questions contact:
Leszek Pętlicki, e-mail:, +48 602 320 496, Aneta Sobiegraj e-mail:, +48 697 238 617

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