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15th World Bridge Series, Sanya, China

he 15th World Bridge Series will be held in Sanya, Hainan, China from 10th to 25th October 2014 hosted by the Chinese Contract Bridge Association in cooperation with Sanya City and Beijing Lianzhong Co., Ltd.

The contract was signed by WBF President Gianarrigo Rona and CCBA President Xiang Huaicheng during a Ceremony held in Beijing at China Qi-yuan, the CCBA Headquarters, on Wednesday 24th July.

The World Bridge Series is the biggest of all the WBF Championships, and includes World Open, Women, Seniors and Mixed Teams and Pairs Championships. There will be no quota on the number of teams/pairs from each NBO and all events will be transnational, so players from different countries, in good standing with their own Federations, may form partnerships/teams. ·

The first week will feature Mixed Teams and Mixed Pairs All players who do not qualify for the final stages will be allowed to drop into the pairs final; as will the top four teams (i.e. the finalists and the teams from the play-off) provided the partnerships remain mixed.

The second week will showcase the Rosenblum Open, McConnell Women’s and Rand Cup Senior Teams, followed by the Generali Open and Women’s Pairs plus Hiron Senior Pairs. Members of teams failing to qualify may drop into their respective events – Open Teams members into the Open Pairs, etc. Players may not cross events when they drop in.

The teams will be played with Swiss qualifying rounds to form semi-final A and semi-final B groups. The top 27 teams from semi-final A and the top five teams from semi-Final B will begin knockout play.

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